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9 de mayo de 2009

Toneladas de Trabajo

What a crazy season I´ve had the last months. Tons and tons of work, ideas, photographs, magazines, well, lots of thing I´ve been taking care. But I think everything´s been succesful. It´s been working hand-to-hand with Alejandra Virgen. My two new media publications called MAG360º and MAG quincenal are hot and out now. In the cover of the first issue apears my dear and beautiful friend Alejandra Virgen. The theme of picture I created for the march issue is called “amor por el mar” (love for the sea) and it reflects the grateful feeling of the thing we get from the sea. Let me tell you some facts of her: She´s a dear friend of mine. She is an executive of the Universidad Tec Milenio (where I was pretending to study my mastering degree), she also is really adorable, one of my best new friends. Everybody were sooo afraid to kiss a death fish, c´mon, no big deal! :D. Soon I´ll go to Octavio Orozco´s farm to make a photo-shoot to Alejandra´bout horses, and cows and farm stuff, she pretends to look like a cowboy-girl, she is gonna be a really beautiful cowboy girl. This all was agreed a week ago when Alejandra and me were on a date eating. I hope bring you pictures of this session real soon.

Golf tournament has been canceled by now, the reasons? Damn it! The swine flu. Since I was the tournament administrator I was looking forward into it, but suddenly one of the CEO´s came to my office to notify me the cancellation. Damn…. Well now I guess I´l have to wait until this pandemic hass passed.

Well, I´ve got a lot of things to do, but before I go, I would like to leave you witth a cd recommendation: This Delicate Thing We´ve Made by Darren Hayes. See you soon! xxoo

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